5 Tips to Know for Winning on Slot Machines

If you’re a casino enthusiast, you probably have some experience playing slot machines, right?

Especially in several countries, including the United States, slot machines have become the most popular casino game. Even in other countries, slots are as popular as table games.

So, what everyone might be thinking is, “How can you win on slot machines?” “Is there a strategy for beating slot machines?” “How did others manage to win?”

Unlike games like blackjack or roulette, there’s no strategy to cut into the house edge on slot machines.

Everything is based on “luck,” but you can still approach the game correctly by understanding the nature of slot gameplay.

Slot Machine Tip 1: Does Volatility Vary by Denomination?!

While working in customer support for an online casino, I became friends with a VIP player who loved jackpot slots.

This person was incredibly lucky with jackpot wins, sometimes hitting jackpots eight times in a day, which even became a topic of discussion within the casino.

Out of curiosity, I asked this player about their “secret,” and they mentioned “frequently changing the bet amount (denomination).”

I found it intriguing, so I decided to verify its credibility by asking the casino manager.

The manager said, “Since the volatility can change depending on the bet amount, it theoretically makes sense.” Can you believe it?

So, when you’re playing your favorite slot and it’s not paying out, try changing the denomination first. According to this theory of volatility, you can either increase or decrease the denomination.

As they say, “those who believe shall be saved.”

Slot Machine Tip 2: Check Jackpot Conditions for Progressive Slots

Many people love jackpot slots, and hitting a big jackpot is everyone’s dream.

I also play Mega Moolah occasionally and hope for a jackpot when playing Red Tiger’s jackpot slots.

However, did you know that some jackpot slots have “conditions for winning the jackpot”?

Mega Moolah and Red Tiger’s jackpot slots don’t have these conditions, and you can potentially win the jackpot even with the minimum bet.

But for Playson’s Daily Jackpot, you need a bet of $0.34 or more, and Microgaming’s Treasure Nile requires you to bet on all lines.

While it’s generally said that a higher bet amount increases your chances of hitting the jackpot, many jackpot winners have placed small bets, so the truth remains a mystery.

If you’re dreaming of a jackpot win, make sure you meet the conditions for that dream to come true, as pursuing an unattainable dream without meeting the requirements won’t make it a reality.

Read the jackpot descriptions, even if it’s a bit tedious!

Slot Machine Tip 3: Start Small to Win Big

Winning right after you start playing slot machines is rare.

Occasionally, you might get lucky and enter a bonus game within the first few spins, but that’s a matter of luck, not strategy.

Start with small bets, gradually increase your bankroll, and once you’ve built up a decent amount, begin making larger bets. This is the key to significant success.

While working in customer support at an online casino, I learned from the play history of big winners.

What I discovered was that many of these big winners started small, gradually increased their bets, and eventually secured major wins.

This method is also effective for clearing bonus wagering requirements. I’ve personally cashed in bonuses multiple times using this method.

Slot Machine Tip 4: Don’t Fixate on the Same Machine

This applies not only to video slot machines but also to pachinko machines.

Thinking, “I’ve invested this much, so it should pay out soon,” or “If someone sits down and wins after I leave this machine, I’ll be devastated” is a common sentiment. However, let go of these baseless speculations and assumptions.

Especially in Indian pachinko stores, no machine will keep paying out no matter how much you invest!

If you think, “In video slot machines, all wins occur randomly, so it should be the same on any machine,” it’s true that wins occur randomly, but I’m convinced that there are “waves.”

If you’ve felt that the machine, which used to pay out frequently, suddenly stopped giving wins, it’s time to leave. The longer you play the same machine, the more likely the wave has hit its low point. Whether it will rise again is known only to the gods.

Advice from India Gamblers

These tips regarding slot machines are by no means foolproof winning strategies.

However, they serve as valuable pieces of advice.

By trying out these five tips, your chances of winning may be higher than sticking to the same machine for hours with the same bets.

Give it a try on your favorite slot machine right away!

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