Ultimate Online Bingo Guide from Yes Bingo

The realm of Online Bingo, or Bingo Online, has experienced a monumental surge in popularity ever since its inception. Yes Bingo, an exceptional provider of bingo games that gained substantial traction by 2021, is now poised to reassert its dominance with even greater force. Employing every means at their disposal to achieve this, they have effectively succeeded. In the early months of 2022, a newly unveiled game named “Open Sesame” has managed to capture over fifty percent of the bingo market in the India. How could a single game achieve such a remarkable feat? The answer lies within the jackpot mechanism.

To avoid any potential confusion among players, the concept of the jackpot fundamentally serves the purpose of bestowing substantial rewards. However, numerous bingo games have loosely employed the term “jackpot” as a form of advertising propaganda, where the actual jackpot received is, in fact, another rule-based multiplier. All games from Yes Bingo adhere to the highest multiplier of 1500X. Yet, for the games integrated with the jackpot mechanism, this multiplier soars to an astonishing 10,000X. This stark contrast between the highest multiplier (1500X) and the jackpot multiplier (10,000X) underscores the distinctiveness of the prize, effectively designating them as true jackpot games.

Before delving into this subject further, let’s acquaint ourselves with Yes Bingo. This comprehensive guide will usher you through essential details about this particular bingo provider, familiarize you with their array of games, direct you to genuine money-playing sites, and offer an in-depth exploration of their jackpot mechanism.

Unveiling Yes Bingo

Yes Bingo stands as an Asian-based online bingo developer boasting two decades of experience in game development and a portfolio of 15 released games. With over 100 employees in its ranks, it attests to the scale of its operations. Their well-designed website exudes a serene ambiance, and its simplicity and fluidity seamlessly extend to their games. Hailing from an Asian founding, you can expect their games to be richly imbued with oriental symbolism, as evident from their names.

“Fa Fa Dragon,” “Fortune Treasure,” and “Win Cai Shen” are prime examples of how they infuse their games with thematic essence. Despite having released 15 games and identifying primarily as a bingo developer, it’s important to note that Yes Bingo also crafts video slots and online fishing games, with bingo accounting for eight of their releases. While this guide centers exclusively on bingos, their slots warrant a dedicated discussion.

Transparency pervades their approach to disseminating critical data. Details such as RTP (Return to Player), card layouts, maximum winnings, volatility, and more are presented openly. For those curious, here’s a noteworthy insight: all bingo games boast an identical RTP of 97.5%. In the realm of gambling, an RTP exceeding 90% is deemed high, and 95% surpasses the majority of casino game types. Consequently, an RTP of 97.5% bears significant relevance to players.

Their bingo games exhibit uniformity in terms of interface, gameplay, and multipliers. The distinguishing factors between them lie in their themes and jackpots. Each game is endowed with a unique theme corresponding to its name. For example, “Win Cai Shen” exudes a color scheme of bright gold and deep red, accompanied by glistening golden coins and sparkles adorning the backdrop. The face-down extra balls are designed as red envelopes, adding to the aura of fortune. Numerous themes await your exploration.

The Jackpot Mechanism, or what we aptly term the “real jackpot,” will be elaborated upon in the subsequent section. It’s important to note here that Yes Bingo’s contributions encompass a high RTP, diverse themes, and real jackpot bingo games, establishing them as a seasoned online gambling developer/manufacturer/provider. Their reputation as creators of reputable bingos in Asia drives their ambition to expand their horizons internationally.

Distinguishing Features of Yes Bingo in the Realm of Online Bingo

To dissect this inquiry comprehensively, a comprehensive evaluation is imperative. From the preceding chapters, we’ve gleaned insights into their above-average RTPs, diverse themes, and the inclusion of a “real” jackpot. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into these advantages to provide supplementary information. While the words might lead you to assume complete understanding, there are concealed aspects awaiting elaboration. Unforeseen aspects that stand to pleasantly surprise you in a lucrative manner, coupled with additional perks.

In the interest of facilitating a comparison for those unfamiliar with the brand, we present JILI Games – iRich Bingo as a recognizable reference.

  1. Elevated RTP Yes Bingo uniformly presents a time-tested RTP of 97.5% across its bingo games, ensuring consistency and reliability. Conversely, iRich Bingo maintains a concealed RTP, leaving players unaware of the exact figure.
  2. Prolific Themes The significance of abundant themes might not be immediately apparent. However, it carries significance. Bingo players are often irrationally superstitious about luck. The experience of continuously losing on one game while achieving a jackpot on another with a distinct theme can be enlightening.
  3. Authentic Jackpots Bingo providers should be held accountable for disingenuous promotion. The highest multipliers in rule-based progressive multipliers cannot rightfully be labeled as jackpots. iRich Bingo flaunts the highest multiplier of 1500X, identical to all Yes Bingo bingos, yet it advertises this as a “jackpot.” This is an incorrect representation. A true jackpot entails multipliers like 15,000X. For reference, this is observed in games like Money Bingo and Bingo Bingo.
  4. Swift Pace Prompt results are invariably desired. Your winnings are intricately intertwined with the game’s session. The advantage here is that each game takes less than a minute to conclude, allowing you to claim your winnings promptly.
  5. Simplified Gameplay Open, start, bet, win – the sequence is as uncomplicated as 1-2-3. Multipliers and combinations are displayed on the screen, with special multipliers highlighted on the balls. The game’s essence can be grasped within moments.

Tips & Strategies: Yes Bingo Mastery

It’s time to pick up the pen, for we have an array of strategies to bolster your winning potential. While Yes Bingo’s bingo games might appear random at first glance, they adhere to specific patterns. Were you aware that you can reset your game when unfavorable combinations arise? Indeed, you can reset the game when the board lacks critical balls. While adversity might strike, you can regain control over the game. The necessity to bet on extra balls diminishes. Simply close the tab or window and restart the game!

The strategy akin to hacking involves placing bets on specific numbers at particular times. We’ve meticulously gathered game data from diverse back offices and employed a Kernel-Based SVM Model to pinpoint the precise numbers and time frames with the highest likelihood of success.

The model has been distilled to enhance its comprehensibility. While it might still appear intricate and challenging, rest assured, we are here to assist. The lighter shades of blue denote the highest win rates (80%-100%), while the darker blues reflect the lowest rates (0%-20%). Statistics demonstrate that number 66 at 21:58 boasts the highest win rate of 98.12%, followed by number 41 at 19:33 with a 96.59% win rate, and number 73 at 12:25 with a 91.01% win rate. To simplify:

  • 🥇Ensure ball 66 appears at 21:58 (average win rate of 98.12%)
  • 🥈Ensure ball 41 appears at 19:33 (average win rate of 96.86%)
  • 🥉Ensure ball 73 appears at 12:25 (average win rate of 91.01%)

Feel free to opt for extra balls or reset the game when specific numbers are absent from the board. A friendly reminder: capitalize on the alarm clock feature of your phone to schedule your spare time and ensure you’re well-prepared.

Maximize your winning potential to the fullest extent!

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